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Finding the right adhesive for the job depends on the materials you use and the environment in which you’ll be sticking. Fortunately at Screwfix we have a wide range of adhesives suitable for a selection of tasks around the home. Our flooring adhesives from Bostik, Laybond and Maple are perfect for different floor types including vinyl & wood and come in colours including beige, ochre-yellow, off white and opaque. We have a number of grab adhesive products from brands such as Evo-Stik, Dow, Geocel, Gripfill, I Can’t Believe and Loctite. Our range of high strength adhesives are hard to beat with names like Evo-Stik, Gorilla Glue, Loctite, MitreBond, No Nonsense and Supercove you’ll be sure to find the right glue for those tough sticking conundrums. It’s only the best when it comes to wallpaper adhesives as we stock the very best Solvite products available. Or why not have a look through our tile adhesives, grout and wood adhesive products to see if we have what you want?